Teach Me To Listen and Obey 1 DVD for CE Credit

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Speech-language pathologists and other therapists who work in early intervention programs will learn simple strategies for working with children with receptive language delays and their families. Receptive language milestones and characteristics of children with receptive language delays/disorders are reviewed. Strategies are demonstrated in numerous video clips with toddlers in order to teach parents/caregivers to improve receptive language skills at home and in daily routines. An easy tag line is introduced to teach parents how to cue a child with receptive language delays. Considerations for children with language delays are discussed with emphasis on helping a child learn to understand words before he’s expected to comply with behavioral expectations during this early developmental period of 9 to 21 months. Clinicians will be able to use this information as the basis for parent/caregiver education with families of the individual children on their caseloads or for group training programs.

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory level, Professional area).

Learning Outcomes

1. Explain receptive language delays/disorders to parents/caregivers.
2. Identify early signs and symptoms of toddlers with receptive language delays/disorders.
3. List receptive language milestones and age ranges in typical receptive language development.
4. Demonstrate how to teach parents to play social games with a toddler or young child who is having difficulty consistently engaging with others.
5. Show parents how to cue a child to follow commands using an easy to remember tag line: “Tell him, show him, help him.”
6. Describe basic strategies to teach parents/caregivers to use at home to help improve a child’s ability to understand language and follow directions.
7. Define ways early AAC strategies like pictures and switches can help a child learn skills beyond expressive tasks such as requesting.
8. Explain to parents/caregivers the reasons they should modify behavioral expectations for toddlers with receptive language delays/disorders.

Download the brochure for course details and other requirements.Brochure_3 DVD set

Obtaining CE credit is EASY!

After purchasing Teach Me To Listen and Obey 1 (sold separately at www.teachmetotalk.com) and paying the CE fee, you’ll be redirected to a page for the forms you’ll need and a step by step checklist for the completing the process.

$10 for CE credit. You will receive a certificate of completion upon receipt of the forms in our office. Email forms to forms@teachmetotalk.com or regular mail to address on checklist.

ASHA CEUs are awarded on a quarterly basis. See brochure for details.

If you have questions, email Laura@teachmetotalk.com.

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